A Look Inside


A little perspective – I actually started blogging many years ago.

I stopped.

I have not touched my blogs or even put any thought or real inspiration into them until this past Sunday – beginning in 2014.

Why the break?

I really did not feel I had any – and this is a new word to me – prompts.

Let me tell you about being personal – and what a life event can do to prompt you to speak out, become inspired, make a difference – in my case all of the above – and “to write”.

Did I have writer’s block for that many years?

By Golly – I think I did.

Why did I start now?

It is amazing to me what it took to bring this inner force back out – I’ve been writing since I was 8 years old. Whether it was poetry, or starting half a novel, a blog, a journal – something inside of me kept bringing out words – things so personal to me – and then I wondered – would people ever even read what I had to say?

Suffice it to actually realize – I do not actually care if people read, or even appreciate, what I have to say – my point in blogging – coming back into the writing world – is to release my feelings on my current battle.

Some blog about life in general – photos, their children, snow, politics …

I actually find it all inspiring in some form.

Right now my blog has two followers – since I just started this on Sunday, I felt liberated.

TWO FOLLOWERS! Two people – who when I write a single post – actually get informed, and maybe they will read it, maybe they will find something they find prompting – to do something different in life, to write on their own.

The Overcoming is so personal to me – but in the same fashion, no matter if it gets shared, read, responded to – I will still continue to write – because it affects my heart, my lifestyle, my ability to think, and my willingness to continue fighting this uphill battle towards complete freedom.

So what IS the point of my blog, you ask?

Well, it is to inspire, if you find it inspiring.

It is to divulge my own inner truths to the public – in hopes that others will find support.

It is to give you insight about me – if you are not one of my 600 Facebook friends, or 930 Twitter followers, you will then dive deep inside of my soul – for lessons in the life of someone facing a difficult journey from the unknown – back into the known.

Welcome to my battle – you never know – I may be watching, and learning, from yours.



  1. I love what you have to say here. The courage to speak our peace is one of the biggest steps we, as writers, take if you ask me. Finding that place inside ourselves where we decided that no matter what, our voice matters, even if just to ourselves! Ironically, the post I have scheduled for tomorrow, it is a similar path as yours here. It is about my personal journey and where I am at right now. I too have been mostly away from my blog for a while, for me it is a few months of sporadic posting, when I had been an every day poster. Anyway, just wanted to say that I liked what you wrote here…

    1. Thank you so so much for leaving such a nice, inspiring, and warm comment about this point – I’m so happy that you reached out to let me know how you feel about it – and that our paths seem similar and we can relate to each other – that’s my entire point, if even sometimes i am writing just for myself as my audience, when I do find others coming in and reading my words – it brings a huge smile to my face! Thank you!

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