Shoulder Space Available: Inquire Here


Clearly if you have navigated to my blog you will come to realize within, likely, seconds – these thoughts are new.

My bare sidebar, less than 20 posts, 49 followers…. (I even put a new arrival sign for wandering eyes to better understand that I am still gathering my thoughts, intentions, and design).

The header I made is a graphic from a banner making website: it was free.

I show no talents in graphic creativity. I chose to utilize the free version of WordPress (oh, but how I want to upgrade my space so I can get a music player for my side bar) …

Yet, if you have ventured into the depths of each of the posts, the vast majority of them are long winded thoughts, musings, stories, random tidbits of my brain that have come flying out through my typing fingers. I’ve learned to use blogging as an outlet – and yes, deep inside, I hope I reach out and touch somebody (this blog is in no way associated with AT&T or MCI) – that my messages will resound, and be inspiring.

Interestingly enough, I saw a blog on Freshly Pressed yesterday about  the 8 Reasons Why (the writer) would not be friends with you on Facebook in 2014. I completely and totally failed number 6 – guilty (“sorry, not sorry”) – I bluntly apply my struggles to social networking (no, not my divorce, as a matter of fact, no one knew I got divorced until a year after it happened when I kept getting inquired about my ex-husband, so I eventually spilled the beans).

My rantings were with regards to overcoming a dependence on pain medication, the withdrawals. I was not ashamed to post it – and the comfort (and the GO GET HELP, DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE) posts – I am so grateful for.

(Sidebar: Number of people who defriended me over it out of 500: ONE.)

I do what I do  because I know that deep in the pits of the person, or two, or ten, that has come to visit The Overcoming – and even those that saw my Facebook posts, they have come for a visit because they have read my header: I aim to inspire, and I am completely, utterly, FANTASTICALLY, honest. I hold nothing back. I choose to announce my struggles via Facebook (defriend me, I do not care. If you do, you are obviously not someone I wanted to be friends with in the first place if you can’t stand to set your eyes on the fact that some people have to struggle negatively and reach out for help. I said this in my article previously on being Uniquely Strange) . I also choose to chronicle my daily dealings as a mother who lives with anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, self-esteem problems, and the “how-to” of remaining completely drug-free while raising my children, being a wife, staying a friend, and keeping calm.

I am an accepting person. My shoulder is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week (or in recent terms “24/7”) – if someone wants to talk, vent, yell, cry – I will not judge that person.  I will not underestimate that person. I certainly would never condescend to that person – because I am so open-minded as to understand – everybody hurts (props to REM for a GREAT song! If I only had my darn music player I would add it … )

I know that if there was one person who came to read my blogs: it’s the open-minded, inspiration seeking, understanding, individual looking for motivational words, a trip into how a blogger can creatively turn an uphill battle into just what my header says: an inspiring intent.

Odds are, it’s the person that wants so badly to come out and express themselves, a truth they want to get into the open, that they are struggling: but because of the nature of privacy and social media, taboo subjects, not knowing how people react: they become afraid. My aim is to discourage ever keeping secrets – to fully embrace whatever it is you are conquering, and to let people watch and learn from you: to be able to inspire takes a very strong human willingness to be HONEST.

In the week and a day I’ve been blogging, I’ve already garnered so much support, likes, follows, e-mails, comments – of those that I believe I have touched in a positive way. I also got Blogger of the Week on Dancing with Fireflies (insert happy dance here). I do this for those that I know are coming to read – if there’s one specific person, I believe it’s the motivated one who is looking for another shoulder space on loan (they do not sell supportive shoulders at Walmart) – and someone to relate to that is not afraid to muster up all of her emotional energy and put it out for public eyes to read (again, I digress, they do not sell transparent honesty at Walmart, nor is it ever on sale for half price “in bulk” at your local Cotsco).

(Sidebar: it’s free on my blog)

That person is me, that blog is mine, and to that reader: I want you to know you are never alone, no matter the battles you face. I want you to understand you can always be yourself, to never give up hope, and to always reach out for support when you feel it’s necessary – you will find gratitude, patience, and dedication waiting for you on my welcome mat.

We’re always open at The Overcoming.

And yes, we serve pie.



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