The Shauny Award



Ah, these are beautiful things on WordPress. Here’s something that I appreciate about the blogging world. I know some are against the idea of blogging awards – but I find it a beautiful way to connect with people and to show them you are truly interested and encompassed by the things they write, their ideas, and the emotions that go into writing in a public forum.

The other wonderful thing about these is that in the majority of cases – EVERYONE is a winner!

For a mother of 3 like me who has copious amounts of health problems, projects, house cleaning, and sleep to try and catch up on – in between diaper changes I do my best to read through everyone’s blogs. I try to find new writers I’m touched by, that I learn from. Sometimes I cannot always press the Like button because I just got thrown up on – or my cat accidentally hit the “back” button and I lost my place.

(Note: my cat is now climbing up our bare Christmas tree – yes I’m aware it’s February – but we’ve only gotten the ornaments down, the tree is still up).

I am so honored to have been nominated by one of the most amazing bloggers out there: A Moms Blog

Simple rules: Show Humanity, Show Love, Be Yourself, Don’t Be Others, Don’t Gossip,- share this award with 10 others. This part makes me happy. I want everyone to know that I DO check my reader almost constantly – and usually life gets in the way of me commenting or leaving a simple Like click. My apologies – when life gets crazy it does not hand me lemons – it hands me NUTS! I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! 

My 10 Shares:

A Game of Diapers

61 Musings

Poetry on a Roll

The Jittery Goat

Schizo Incognito

Dancing with Fireflies

Toe Mail

Positive Outlooks 

2 Me 4 Art

Breakroom Stories


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