About Jenn


My name is Jenn – I am a native of Midlothian, Virginia. Born, raised, and still live there – been many places, now home. I am a dedicated graduate of Virginia Tech (Go Hokies) and have a Masters Degree from Radford University. I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children. (Ayden, age 6, Mina, age 4, and Jonah, who will be 1 on March 12, 2014).


This is my story – about beating the odds. It is about overcoming a battle I never thought I would have the power to – and about the trap I got caught in and had to pull myself out of – with every single bit of strength inside of me. This is about inspiring, speaking out, and finding hope. I do not censor myself – I speak the truth. I am honest, genuine, to the point, and above all, I care enough to open my soul to yours – in the hopes that I can inspire somebody else to climb, and beat, this mountain.

I love to write. I use my blog as an outlet for my feelings, random thoughts, whatever may be on my mind. Sometimes it associates with my battle, sometimes it does not. I often find hope and inspiration in the smallest of details.

Fun facts about me: I am obsessed with football. I love beer and nachos. I eat honey BBQ wings on almost a daily basis. I love ranch dressing, cats, walking on the ocean (but I’m scared of the water). I hate snakes, heights, and am terribly phobic of flushing the toilet. I am a paranormal investigator and a huge believer in the existence of the afterlife. I am a dedicated member of the fans of the GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew). I love to build websites, learn new codes, and have fun coloring with my children.

I graduated with a degree in Human Services from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Counseling from Radford University. I am a trained Life Coach. I adore people – but I’m often shy. I’m emotional, poetic, and soulful. I am honest, up front, and blunt. What you see is what you get.

My battle is still ongoing – and I continue to fight, but I want to share my story. I want you to get to know me – and I want to be inspired, as well as inspire you.

Questions? Comments? Support? Email me anytime.

You can also tweet me at: @VTDiva01

I do not accept Facebook requests as my Facebook is private and personal – I do not have a public group page.

You can reach me at howibeattheodds@gmail.com or by posting in the contact form below.



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