Halfway Haiku: A New Challenge


I was inspired today while searching through Twitter. I saw somebody that I follow trending #haiku and asking people to submit their own, to have fun with it, to be creative. This sparked my own creative flow and I decided: why not try something different?

Here’s a new challenge I’m presenting myself with – I would love participants. Even if I end up with no participants – at least I can show a different side of my writing and take this challenge to a new level with myself. I have always been a poet but this blog has been mostly rantings, stories, writings, musings – long, novel thoughts. I have used it as an outlet from one battle to another.

From now on, every Wednesday, I am going to do what’s called the Halfway Haiku Challenge – I am going to come up with a new haiku poem, or poems,  just to think outside the box. It can be about anything – whatever comes to mind.

The start date is today – Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Each week I will post again on that Wednesday – you can link to the post or you can post within the comments.

For those not familiar with haikus – here’s a definition.

To start, here are a few I wrote this morning with regards to responding to the ones on Twitter.

Let the thinking outside of my box and comfort zone begin 🙂 Here are several examples.



Gravity of love

Floating on the bliss of you

Wrapped in my shadow.



So close to dying

Lights surround my breathing soul

Yet still I survive.


Winter stars smile bright

Asking me to wish on them

I whisper my prayers.



Spirits dwell within.

Voices heard he lets speak out.

Giving life to death.


I hope I can get a few people on board to take the challenge. I would love to read your poetry – and see it spread from one eye and soul to another. That’s one great way to draw inspiration – and to be inspired.


Taking a Challenge: Healing

I’m always up for a challenge.

Today – take a photo and provoke my thoughts. First, may I present, the inspiration:

unsplash_52a4c3446e23d_1 This represents healing.

My blog, in its entirety, is a journey. It began with a single post – about my path to freedom from a lonely grave that I had become trapped within – that I wished to dig myself out of.

It is about becoming – entering into a world of the known – despite any fog, fear, or overwhelming sadness that may have propelled me backwards.

It is a cliff – a ledge I stand upon wondering, hoping, that what lies in front, beneath, to the side – is my pathway to recovery, into freedom.

My journey is that in which many suffer – it is not a walk into a beautiful park surrounded by birds, friendly humans, park benches with lovers, newspaper stands …

It is a trail of wondering – what will happen next? Will I survive the jump into the existence of my human failure – which, in truth, was never a failure – it is about realizing.

Some could call this photo depressing, a feeling of blue, grey inside – not that of soothing, calm, or captivation.

My description of this photo, my answer to the challenge: catharsis.

It is finding a way into the human soul through the outside world – of seeing something you may not want to go into, experience, or dive within – but you find the courage, empowerment, and faith within yourself to take the plunge.

Diving into the unknown with the hopes of finding peace, I see.

And once you have taken the dive, and you see the beauty behind the grey, dim, foggy mass in front of you – you see hope. The cliff you have just jumped off of into clouds of white – is actually the way home.

Challenge accepted.