Caution: Guilty Sick Mommy Blogger Ahead!



I need to start resizing my photos. The above says “I don’t get sick days, I’m a mom!”…

Ah, , the life of a mommy. I posted earlier that I was sick and therefore having a hard time catching up on comments and nominations.

I managed to brave the ice and cold and get to urgent care.

This mommy blogger is down with Strep Throat and a bad case of a sinus infection. There’s fluid build up in both ears that’s causing me a lot of pain – along with the sore throat.

Or shall I quote the urgent care doctor “THE ANNNGGRYYYY THROAT”ย 

I have been missing out on daily prompts and zero to hero the past few days – I feel so guilty! No, really, I do! I have so many different ideas I could do for this. I plan on playing catch up later. This blog has in fact become such a catharsis for me – I love doing it, I also adore the new faces that come in for a glance and maybe carry some inspiration with them – the new people I’ve met, and swapped stories with. This is fantastic!

Of course, along with that, comes the guilt that I cannot be as active the next few days. Truthfully antibiotics mixed with prescription strength Mucinex is really not my stomach’s friend – so we will have to add that lovely combination into my already horrendous illness.

I wanted to point out, however, that even as a mommy – I do get sick days. My husband is amazing. He has taken over baby duty so I can rest, and I love this man so much. He is my heart and soul and everything in it – what I’ve always dreamed of. Please look for more blogs soon with regards to how he has improved my life with Panic Disorder and Depression. He has also been a huge force in my Social Anxiety. I was Agorophobic before – I am getting so much better with this because of his support an the personal fervor I have to try harder each day to find coping strategies.

While blogging is amazing – I simply cannot keep up being this sick. I wanted to point out the nature of the illness so everyone knows I am going through my Reader, I’m seeing all of your beautiful posts and poetry, and I wish I could press more likes and make more comments – I appreciate you all so much.

I will BE BACK – my musings, rantings, updates, funny quotes, sarcastic humor, and new mechanisms for living in mental and physical pain – will all be back. I just need to break this fever and get back on my feet first. You all are lovely – and I have learned so much already in the just over 2 weeks I’ve been blogging in here. What an amazing world it is – but unfortunately, even bloggers need sick days ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, I’m contagious – if you read this post – wash your hands!