Halfway Haiku: A New Challenge


I was inspired today while searching through Twitter. I saw somebody that I follow trending #haiku and asking people to submit their own, to have fun with it, to be creative. This sparked my own creative flow and I decided: why not try something different?

Here’s a new challenge I’m presenting myself with – I would love participants. Even if I end up with no participants – at least I can show a different side of my writing and take this challenge to a new level with myself. I have always been a poet but this blog has been mostly rantings, stories, writings, musings – long, novel thoughts. I have used it as an outlet from one battle to another.

From now on, every Wednesday, I am going to do what’s called the Halfway Haiku Challenge – I am going to come up with a new haiku poem, or poems,  just to think outside the box. It can be about anything – whatever comes to mind.

The start date is today – Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Each week I will post again on that Wednesday – you can link to the post or you can post within the comments.

For those not familiar with haikus – here’s a definition.

To start, here are a few I wrote this morning with regards to responding to the ones on Twitter.

Let the thinking outside of my box and comfort zone begin 🙂 Here are several examples.



Gravity of love

Floating on the bliss of you

Wrapped in my shadow.



So close to dying

Lights surround my breathing soul

Yet still I survive.


Winter stars smile bright

Asking me to wish on them

I whisper my prayers.



Spirits dwell within.

Voices heard he lets speak out.

Giving life to death.


I hope I can get a few people on board to take the challenge. I would love to read your poetry – and see it spread from one eye and soul to another. That’s one great way to draw inspiration – and to be inspired.



I’ve been asked recently about my inspirations. I’ve had many present ideas – and I’ve had my own.

How did I get through the darkest of hours? What were things I turned to?

Allow me to elaborate.

First and foremost – I began to work my brain in creative ways. This uses the other side of your brain – opposite of opiate receptors.

I started playing Scrabble. Word games – mind benders that tested my ability in intelligence. I found it helped lower my anxieties – things I wouldn’t normally do. I enjoy television – but often find it keeps me in my state of “lack of motivation”. Brain games tend to heighten the mind’s ability to find energy on another level. I love Crossword Puzzles. These fit into this creative category. I, of course, turned to blogging.

Music. Oh how I love music. I have several inspirational songs that have helped me so much in those deathly moments that feel so far away from passing – like grasping at the smallest of straws and you just cannot get it to stay in your hands – so close, so far.

Here are a few that I kept listening to on repeat. I highly suggest these – not just for lyrical content, but for the calming nature of the voices that accompany them. These are several of my favorite artists.

Aftermath (Adam Lambert) <– genius in himself, song is brilliant.

I am Beautiful (Candice Glover) <– my favorite American Idol winner – hands down. And this song explains itself as to how it is so meaningful.

Wild Horses (the Susan Boyle version) <– her voice is stunning – and the way she sings this song, and the lyrics ring so true. I just adore her – and I have repeated this so many times.

Susan Boyle’s Audition (we already know how I feel about this – she faced the adversity of the stage and she impressed, and she beat – she shocked the audience and the judges. I faced my own stage – and I watch this almost daily) – and I love the song she sang.

Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) <– no explanation needed. It’s emotional – but it brings the ability to meditate, listen, and be soothed.

Hero (Mariah Carey) <– there’s a hero inside of you. I know this.


I forced myself to get out of bed again and start doing things that I hadn’t been doing in quite some time – stuck in bed, sick, wondering if I had failed myself, if I ever had a chance at normal life again. One of the biggest things I did was start my research in paranormal investigation again (this is just my example – everyone has their own) – and I started reading books again. My very favorite is that from Zak Bagans, entitled Dark World.

Buy it Here

I also love books that inspire – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is another idea.

Read examples of other people that have overcome trials and tribulations. This can include anything – it does not necessarily have to be what you are going through – I love the book by Damien Echols (one of the West Memphis Three, wrongly accused of murder, spent 18 years on death row, and released in August of 2011), that he wrote entitled Life After Death – these are my ideas, my inspirations.

There are so many things you can do – so much support you can garner from others – research, understand your situation, acknowledge it – and inspire yourself. I found in beginning this blog, continuing it, and reaching out to others (it looks like I’m so self indulgent constantly reposting my own articles – but I want them to spread) – dig deep. Your motivation is there – and working your brain helps work out the kinks of resetting – it is difficult, and it is a very drawn out process – but it works.

Inspiration truly works.

You know where to find it – believe.